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analysis September 30, 2009

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I know that front-end analysis is very important to design instruction. However, it is very difficult to practically talk with clients on their needs of instruction. Sometimes the clients even don’t know the problems or methods to improve, so it is ambiguous for clients understand what designer is talking about. It is similar process to produce a TV program, so I think designer should suggest the clear and essential solution for a certain problem. Designer need to pick up one clear problem, then narrow the discussion topic step by step. If designer wish to solve the all problems, the task will be much confusing and unsatisfying. Without any visible or applicable product, the client cannot judge what problem they have. In addition, they are so busy to spend enough time to talk with designers. To catch the main problem and basic information, designers need to have validate, practical, reliable tools like assessment. When I met my client, she didn’t know what a problem is in her boundary and what potential solution integrated technologies and school curriculum is. When I suggest certain tips, then she said her actually problem, condition, and her attitude for the problem. However, she was so busy, and we didn’t have enough time to talk. Then I tried to observe students, teachers, and classroom and gather information on time schedule or class organization. If I concern about three parts, I think I can find right direction. (1)an acceptable design to teachers- I need to know teachers’ problem (2) suitable design for available equipment- I need to know the classroom affordance (3) design meets a real instructional need- I need a content expert. So I need to interview with teachers, check classroom affordance with administer, and find someone to supervise my instructional design.


What to do next:

1. interview with teachers

2. check classrom affordance

3. find content expert to supervise

4. read textbook to figure out tools


Instructional strategies for September 29, 2009

  • Declaraytive Knowledge Insruction
  • Concept learning
  • Principle learning
  • Problem- solving Instruction
  • Cognitive strategy instruction
  • Attitude learning
  • Psychomotor skill learning
  • Macro strategies: integration of types of learning



Digital reading VS analogue materials

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From the online learning, I have a lotmaterials to read, but I don’t have enough time for it.

I usually print out the materials, and I read them whenever I can read. However, I don’t think it is a good way to keep up with digital based class with printed materials.

Should I have ebook or iphone to read them online?

What is the solution for it?


Instructional Strategy design (Reigeluth 1983)

Reigeluth categorized the Instructional strategy desin into three different aspects:

  • Organizational strategy characteristics
  1. How instruction will be sequenced?
  2. What particular content will be presented?
  3. How this content will be presented?    


  • Delivery strategy characteristics
  1. What instructional medium will be used?
  2. How learners will be grouped?
  • Management strategy characteristics

              scheduling and allocation of resources to implement the instruction that is organized and delivered as planned   within the previous two strategy aspects.


Synchronous technologies September 23, 2009

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a great tool for real time collaboration and communication


Good and Bad


  • increase participation and group collaboration
  • self confidence in communication
  • powerful synchronous communication


  • Reqired  ID and password for all users
  • Bullying
  • Distraction

Learning theories

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very good reference for learning theories


frustrated September 22, 2009

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I have just learned about anchored learning  which provides proper learning materials for certian project.

However, I am still frustrated with so many stuffs in limited time.

This is  my dilemma if I should read all or not for my assignment.

In fact, I am non -native English speaker , have no background knowledge about my major, and not a teacher.

I just have some desire to help people like me who have many barriers on lifelong learning.

I try to gather as manyas possible  methords to overcome my disabilities.

I am getting better because I have found some solutions from technology -integrated instructions.

I am relying on web 2.0 to get ideas and communicate with peers now.