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Instructional Design and my future work goal September 11, 2009

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As a writer for children’s educational TV programs, I have been interested in education and entertainment. My work goal is to connect education and entertainment. In other words, I have applied as many as possible methods to make children entertain while delivering educational objectives. The methods can be derived from all things related to children’s life. They are storybooks, toys, plays, activities, performances games  etc. Through the those materials, I can learn what children like, how children pay attention to them and why they like with them. After analyzing what children like, I can appliy them to connect educational objectives.

Likewise, instructional design connects learners’ interests and instructors’ objectives. Well designed instructional system improves teaching and learning efficiency. ID is the same concept as scriptwriting of educational programs.


If I learn more about learning theory or ID models, I can design more useful and practical scripts. Moreover, my work area will widen from producing TV progam to designing more instructional systems  with more technologies.

class1 ID and my future work


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