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Theory of Learning September 11, 2009

The objectivist model

Learning is a change in the behavioral dispositionof an organism (Jonassen, 1993) that can be shaped by selective reinforcemant.

  • based on Skinner’s stimulus-response theory
  • learning goal-understand reality and modify behavior accordingly
  • teaching goal- deliver the knowledge from the experts to the learner efficiently
  • the presentation of information is important
  • mechanism that enhances the communication of the knowledge should  enhance the transfer
  • designed modularly
  • factual or procedural-based learning


The constructivism model

Knowledge is created or constructed bt each learner.

  • Learning is reflected in “intellectual growth that leads to scientific reasoning, abstract thought, and formal operations” (O’Loughlin, 1992)
  • Learner centered instruction
  • learners goal: knowledge construction with hypothesizing, predicting, manupulating objects, posing questions, reaching answers,imagining, investigating, inventing
  • Instructors goal: to serve as the creative mediator of process, to provide tools
  • discovering conceptyal relationship, exploring multiple representation or perspectives on an issue, immersing the learn in the real world context
  • fact based or procedural learning


The cooperative model

      Learning emerses through interaction of individulas with other individuals(Slavin, 1990)

     Knowledge is created as it is shared.

  • learner’s goal -to improve communicationand listening skills and participation
  • teachers’ goal -to facilitate maximal informationand knowledge sharing, to provide feedback
  • peers are important


The cognitive information processing model

Learning is the processing and transfer of new knowledge into long term memory

  • learners’ goal -to improve cognitive processing abilities
  • individualized instruction

The sociocultural model

Knowledge is related to the historical and cultural background


One Response to “Theory of Learning”

  1. EChang Says:

    I can’t make my personal eductional philosopy because I am still working on it. I think I am a constructivist, so it takes time to define what I want.

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