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Analysis and Design October 7, 2009

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According to ADDIE models, designers need to design with result of analysis.

I think designers can have solutions when he/she finish analysis because design means to connect audience’s problem to reasonable solutions. Learning objectives are pratically the solution, so we need to follow certain rule not to be lost. There are some theories for this.

According to Mager(1962) , designers put three componet objectives. In other words, Three -component objectives are verbal statements of learning outcomes that include three parts:

  • A discription of the terminal behavior or actions that will demonstrate learning.
  • A description of the conditions of demonstration of that action.
  • A desciption of the standard or criterion.

According to Romiszowski(1981), there are three parts for classifying educational aims.

  • Input statement
  • process statement
  • output statement

In conclusion, analysis is very important to write learning objectives which states exlicitly learners’ problems, processesĀ and measurable results.


One Response to “Analysis and Design”

  1. EChang – you are quite right about the analysis being an important part of the design process. We do need to figure out who the audience is, what the problem is that we need to solve with the training we’re to develop, and for what reason. Goals and objectives guide us once we have decided what we want the learners to learn. They act as the path towards the successful learning. Sort of a scaffold. Without careful analysis instructional design can become very costy becaus eit may have to be re-designed before it’s even implemented.

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