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Before implementation October 21, 2009

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I got a problem to implement my ID because there is no volunteer instructor for this project.

My ID is for Sunday Church School, so people are not active to have new instructional design on school curriculum.

Even though I have discussed a lot with the main decision-maker, the newly designed instruction seems to be lost. I just recalled how the AWANA activity was started in the church, and I started to gather parents to join this project.

In the beginning of AWANA , it started because people had needs to support their children in reading in Sunday school and let more Dads get envolved to the church educational activities. That is how AWANA program began.

Likewise, writing program will also be able to get parents’ strong supports for their children rather than any volunteer teacher who is nothing with children’s school curricular education.

I askd several Moms and children who really want to join this project. According to survey, I had a result that students and parents have needs of this kind of instruction.

Finally I will implement my ID on next coming Sunday.  After the implementation, I will get some ideas of feedback.


One Response to “Before implementation”

  1. Sorry you had so much trouble getting your instructional design implemented. How did it go? I’d be excited to hear more.

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