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Project B October 30, 2009

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Our team of three Alan Wallace, Christopher Horiates, and I will work like below:

UNT Department of Learning Technologies New Student Orientation (Masters level) 

  • Video introduction
  • expectations of the program
  • Taking online classes – What should I be doing? (linked to Project 3 below)
  • Faculty, staff, and the chain of command in LTEC
  • Paperwork
    • Getting started
    • Degree plans
      • Suggested course sequences (prerequisite knowledge)
      • Who does my degree plan?
    • Change of degree plan
    • Filing for graduation

Clients: Faculty in LTEC, students in LTEC

Target: Higher education learning support design
The communication is not easy between group members. I made wikispace, but the conversation did not go well. Finally, one of my member suggested using the other tool: Google doc.  If we set up the place to discuss, it would be better than now.

The first thing we should do is planning.  We need to setup the time line to do the project B.

1. week 10 Analyzing +sep up the objectives

     audience interview( Faculty in LTEC), survey students

     task analysis- look through the previous page

First of all , we need to fix the role for each member as a writer, technologist, and project manager.


One Response to “Project B”

  1. Eunjoo, it’s been good to read your posts. I wish you all the best with your group project B now that we switch blog partners and move onward. I hope all goes well with your new design and that working on project A gave you a good starting point in Instructional Design. Take care my friend!

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