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Communication skills for the project November 10, 2009

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Communication is very important for modern society. With web 2.0 technology, an individual can facilitate himself more effective in living in the fast changed world. We have experienced the explosion of the information. Now we have more and more collaborating technology. To use this technology, we need to be very active communicator. But how?

Communicate technology can save time. It doesn’t mean that we need spending less time to communicate, but it means that we can spend more time to communicate each other saving extra meetings which take place at the same time at the same place. However, people misunderstand how they communicate through communication technology.

We need to pay attention proper attitudes and skills of communication. Why we just want to save communication time as short as possible? We need to be more active and considerate to others through the convenient technology.

Now how I can be considerate for my members to collaborate for our project? Be patient!!  Be constructive! Be active!!


One Response to “Communication skills for the project”

  1. ksnowden Says:

    You make so many great points here! For someone who is frustrated with the language you communicate your thoughts well. You are right that communicating with technology can save time…as long as the users are efficient in the technology. If the technology is new or unfamiliar it can make the communication take even more time or can hinder the communication altogether.

    It is always a good idea to be patient, constructive, and active in communication.

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