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Instructional Designer December 4, 2009

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“Your design is especially problematic, because you have to be aware not only of the instructional design and technology issues, but also the underlying ESL concepts and issues and address each in the design. This is a very complicated process regardless of the other content.”

My professor gave me an advice for Instructional design what I am interested in.

Truly I am an ESL student wanting to be a good instructional designer. Considering all things:technology, instruction design, and underlying concepts is really improtant. That is why I wanted to study ID as master’s progrm. I needed some theorical background of my design. That means I would like to know educational theories, practical models, and learning theories. In addition, do I need to be a content expert? That has been my dilemma as I have worked as a script writer for educational TV programs. I always search how entertain the young audience with my program. The contents are really simple to apply for that.  Especially I focused in language part because my major was language, I, myself  have spent much time to learn English as second language and I have seen my kid learning English from young age. In my country, everyone wants to master English, so many people try to go abroad studying English. Language acquisition is age related issue. Some theory said that we can learn other language perfectly before age of twelve. Therfore, many people try to send their children to English spoken contries even just by themselves or with single parent. This is increasing social problem: destroying family system. As a solution, our presiden declared English immersion program in our educational system, but it was rejected by many people who worried about unfair education for the public. This made me motivate more to study language ID for ESL students.

However, it is very hard for me to keep up with the whole things technology, ID, and educational concept. I should be a technician, an instructional designer and a content expert at the same time.  In real life, teachers are not technologists and  technologists are  not content expert. Therefore, the educational program script writers are treated as good experts who can consider both technology and contents in ID field of my country  at this moment. This is very good chance for me to study ID experiencing ESL learning environments.

However, it is very complicated to earn all skills at the same time. It distracts me not focusing on what I should do.

I am applying chunking and break down strategy to study and design. That’s really what I am tryign to do for me and for my design.


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  1. ksnowden Says:

    I have heard that before about children being able to master a language as long as they learn it before a certain age. My cousin (born in Japan) learned to speak Japanese, English, and French at a very young age. She then studied Spanish in grade school in California. Though I don’t think she mastered Spanish, she is fluent in the other three languages.

    I agree that it is complicated to learn multiple skills at once. I think it’s so much more difficult to succeed at something when you can’t focus on it.

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