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Nature of Group Work December 4, 2009

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  • What is great about it?

1. I can collect more ideas, and discuss wih team members to figure out what we are confused.

– It get me out from the thought I am alone. I really enjoy this feature at this moment. As a group, I feel more comfortable to ask and speak out on the topic.

2. I can compensate my weak points.

– Nobody is perfect, so we can help each others. I don’t feel guilty if I am not good at doing something. Insted, we can collaborate effectively supporting each other just under well communicating situation.

3. I can complete my project more accurately  and in detail. 

– I can do it more effectively and successfully in the shorter time limit.

  • What is horrible about it?

1.  I feel upset when I find I am the only person who is devoted.

2. If disconnected, I get mad.

3. I can be easily lost having too large size of work.

  • How can I use effective communication to overcome problems of group coordination towards completing a large project in a shorter amount of time than I could by myself?

With wikispace tool, we facilitate our keeping discussion and writing a document effectively. This asychronous method is much helpful for me because I am not good at instant discussion. I can have enough time to reply to my peers’ comments or opinions. I feel very comfortable. But I am embarrased when I miss them for a long time.


One Response to “Nature of Group Work”

  1. ksnowden Says:

    I agree with you completely! One of the best things about group work is that you can collaborate…sharing ideas and relying on each other’s strengths can be so beneficial. And I am with you 100% with the negatives…being the only one who is invested in a project can be so frustrating.

    A wiki is a great way to work in a group! This is something my group did not use for this project, but it’s so useful. I’m the same way about communication. If I can have a little bit of time to think about my response, I am much more active and participatory.

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