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projectB December 4, 2009

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I uploaded project B document because I could not hold it by myself. I would like to revise more, I could not continue without any feedback. I just wanted to see it from a distance.

ID is very delicate  work like a task analysis in HCI. If I lose one step, the result doesn’t come. I need to break up the whole process into small steps. I doubt I understood the clients’ needs thoroughly? We discussed, but I confess that I could not understand the clients’ needs. I am just waiting for feedback to find out what I missed.

For me I have never experienced this kind of orientation when I just entered the department. There was off line orientation for whole UNT new students, but I was announced I could attend in the end part of the orientation because the earlier part was for other VISA holders. It was very confused when I figured out what degree plan by myself. I could not tell academic advisor from academic cordinator for my degree plan at that time. Everybody answered differently when I asked who I should meet for degree plan at that time.

Fortunatly I got a deegree plan. While I doing my project I can recall the process which I was curious and went through. Therefore, I could easily pointed out the steps of the process.

I found out the website was changed from Monday. It is different from what I saw by the last Saturday.

I need to  keep watching the changes and develop my document in detail.


One Response to “projectB”

  1. ksnowden Says:

    Feedback is so important in ID. When you are working with a client it is vital to be in communication throughout the process. Having a client that is willing to be involved in the creation and give feedback throughout the process at different stages can be so beneficial. Just speaking with Doc (our client) once a week has really helped me to clarify questions we’ve had and make sure our design is on track in terms of what he wants, what’s appropriate for the project, and what it is supposed to accomplish.

    I just recently put my degree plan together after meeting with my adviser. For me, it was helpful to have a big picture plan of the rest of my education…sort of a map. It helps me to see the end goal.

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