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Group Project Reflection December 11, 2009

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Think about instructional design in general. What have you learned this semester about working in teams? What about process? What else?
Also, what did you learn from the Evaluation of the product? What would you do differently next time? How much did you learn from the process and evaluation that will make you a better future instructional designer?

I have learned a lot from the projects in this course work. Timeframe was the biggest challenge for me, but I did it finally with a good result. I am so excited and happy this moment because I got inspired by other teams’ works.

Actually, I could not understand what I was learning class by class for the first moment. However, I realized that everything is connected with certain relationship. For instant, I didn’t follow the direction when I learned about Second Life even though Jenny , one of my classmate made SL beginner training ID which I have stuck from beginning. I could not understand her ID thoroughly in the beginning, but I liked her ID form and process which she developed from beginning to the conclusion. From her ID, I learned a lot of formatting ID documents. These days, I started to learn SL and read her ID again while I am writing another ID on Master Program website. For this time, I realized that I could understand what she was saying in her ID and I started to applying her point of view to analyzing and developing ID to my new ID work.  Simultaneously, I learned SL and figured out how I should develop ID doc. while I was reading her SL ID again.

In addition, I could frequently talk with my project team member more effectively applying what I learned so far. I did what I could and he helped for what I couldn’t. We worked effectively and collaboratively.

 It was a great experience. I am so glad to have peers who inspire  and motivate me to go forward and to know SL, the potential educational tool. I got the idea which I can use it for my ID in the future. Learning is so exciting with technology. I am so excited to explore…..

I would like to meet them in SL in the future to share our new learning experience.


2 Responses to “Group Project Reflection”

  1. Doc Warren Says:


    I am extremely impressed by the level of thinking you have in your blog throughout the last semester. I am sorry that you had so many struggles. Your peers have told me that you did an excellent job on Project B. You have contributed a tremendous amount of wonderful discussion in the forums all semester long. Your work is always of a high quality and I believe you will be an excellent instructional designer!

    Dr. Warren

  2. ksnowden Says:

    I love the peer review forums in this class. I’m with you that I learn so much and am so often inspired by other’s work.

    Being able to work with peers and learn from those more experienced is invaluable. It’s like having several teachers in one class.

    I agree that technology makes learning more exciting. But where is the balance? I think I learned through taking this class that some things need FTF instruction. I love the idea of a hybrid class. Even if it is completely online with required online synchronous meetings…like video chat or something. I wouldn’t have made it through this class without being able to talk with Doc once a week.

    Before this semester, I didn’t think that way. I would push and push for everything to go online. Now I know that not everything can be taught successfully in a solely online class.

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