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SL diary December 11, 2009

Filed under: E-learner problem solving,Second Life — Echang @ 2:41 pm

SL diary

1st day


I always bring your instruction and the article you posted around here.

Once I signed up, I was just sitting on the bench just observing others. It was very hard to stand being calm when people are talking just in front of me.

When I say something, a girl made giggles and said, ” You can talk?’

Then I said bye to them and wanted to change my clothe for other people not notice that I am a newbie. However, I couldn’t. I have a reason to leave this forum for the last. Until this forum closed, I will try to nevigate somewhere in SL using your advices here. It will be cool I believe.

I just follow your instructional design,  and I did until your activity 4. I will try more….


second day

Today, I would like to change my avatar’s clothes. I read the article Jenny provided here and get some glossary I need to know. Sometimes I am confused with the word. I mean I can’t tell plain English words from game jargons. Anyway, I got freebie, inventory, rez… but I can’t figure out what rez means. I saw the rez from Jenny’s instruction document student activity # 7 as ” Trainer explains where to find the item and how to drag it to a designated space to rez the item…….

Information about free Changing room from ISTE and “take off” tips is very helpful for me. Now let me change my avatar clothes. 

I was frustrated because I couln’t get rid of the piece of original skirt from new outfit. But somebody took me an island to teach me how to do it. However, It was very scary. I was there with the man only.. and I wanted clothing issue, so I just ran away from him….I was right or rude?

Third day

I am still stuck in the island. He is still looking at me sitting on the wheelchair. I feel so horrible. I need to learn how to teleport. I really would like to escape from the man and the island. As a newbie, do I look so foolish? I read other posting to get some ideas for teleporting, but I could not find. Anyway, I will try it with YouTube Today.


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