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Technology- based learning environments January 29, 2010

Filed under: CECS 5510 Technology- based learning environments — Echang @ 4:42 pm

I am really looking forward to this class because this is a very good chance to organize my studying goals.

I have learned and experienced a lot learning technologies throught the program, and this is time to connect learning goals and objectives with learning technologies applying my experiences practically.

Therefore I like 5 tasks for this course:

  • Dictionary-

 I have some lists for them and still need to know more. For me I may work with my country’s people, so I need to list up the terminology both in universal language form and my own language( that’s clearer to understand)

Therefore, I will keep bilingual list for me .

  • 10  online senarios-

I am a senario writer actually and I really need it for my family and country. Because of my hunsband job, our family would be exposed in world wide learning environment. If we learn something more effectively and integrate what we learn every time, we need to stick to online materials. Therefore, I eager to analyze current online learning environments and figure out what further  renovation would be needed in pratical  and real life using them. I am trying to make some online materials for my family’s learning at this moment, so it would be great helps to find case studies or model cases.

  • Mapping online Communication and ID

I believe image is really effective method to organize my thoughts and instructional design. That will be a clear guide for me to archive learning bjectives and task objectives.   I want to have a framework  for a big picture.

  • Research proposal

 Since 2006, I have worked with a writing club for my daughter and her friends. Now I am working for for ESL student of Sunday school in the church. I want to make a guide book for teachers and students using technologies in their biblical education.

  • Blog

It will be a good organizer and reflection of my studying. I hope it works effectively.


2 Responses to “Technology- based learning environments”

  1. jgenriquez Says:

    Thank you. Sounds like you are ready to go!

  2. Leah Says:

    Love your blog. Very neat and organized. I liked how you already related each of our assignment tasks to your daily life and work enviornment. It is also very unique that you have all of your classes in this space. Great job, something to aspire to.

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