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Just another weblog meeting1 January 29, 2010

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Yesterday, I used it for my class meeting for the first time. I have used IM in my native language for my work conferences, friend’s meeting, or just killing time chatting. However, IM in non native language was interrupting my cognitive process in some ways.

First, I could not texting so quickly to keep up with the conversation. I prefer web cam chatting to text chatting, but I am not sure about web cam chatting in non native language. I can experience it for the next time. Oh, how sorry that I am not a texting generation.

Second, I could not read previous contents if somebody else posted new sentences while I was reading old one. The text screen changed very fast and the sentences went away before I recognized. I found out some more lines between the comments when I read whole text later.

Third, there is no mouse over dictionary function during IM session. I think it should be essential. While I am reading I feel comfortable with using mouse over dictionary to find words’ definitions. IM passes to fast, so I need the function practically for quick understanding.

I learned the certain work happens while we are learning from a book titled e-learning by Clark, R.C & Mayer, R.E.

When we learn something through the multimedia lessons, the images and printed words enter the learners’ cognitive processing system through the eyes, and spoken words enter though the ears. In working memory, the information is organized as verbal models and pictorial models. Then they are integrated with previous knowledge from the long term memory.

Figure 2.1 Cognitive theory of multimedia Learning

Presentation      senses                              working memory                                                              long term memory

Words                  ears   selecting sounds     organizing        verbal model       integrating     prior knowledge

 pictures              eyes    selecting images                              pictorial model

For this process, I was interrupted in selecting and organizing steps failing in understanding non native language IM messages.

Now I need some strategies for the next meeting. My aim will be for me to engage in appropriate cognitive processing during IM learning. I will try to prepare some sentences which I would like to speak regarding main topic and image materials delivering my thoughts or opinions. I mean I will try to find some methods to utilize my discussion skills as a non- native speaker.

I liked the three metaphors of learning which the authors of the book introduced on page 34.

There are three metaphors of learning:

                                                              Learning is                        Learner is                                     instructor is

Response strengthening        Strengthening or              Passive recipient of                     Dispenser of

                                                   weaking of association         rewards and punishments         and punishments        


Information acquisition           adding information            Passive recipient of                    Dispenser of

                                                              to memory                            information                                  information

Knowledge construction        Building a mental                    Active sense maker                 cognitive guide


According to the information above, it is better to think for my three types of learning processes.

For response strengthen, I can prepare some texts or visual materials help delivery of my opinions.

I like Dr. W’s rewards of encouraging students every time. I think I can survive with them, so I very appreciate him for it.

For information acquisition, I need an online dictionary and a glossary list beside me.

For knowledge construction, I need to know how to record the voice or video chatting for later working. I can use them later for my information construction. I will miss some chances to integrate on-goimg issues with prior knowledge during IM, but it will be more practical experiment of my communication skill training in IM.


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