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Why I Study Cognitive Psychology January 29, 2010

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It is important to think about the benefits of studying Cognitive Psychology as a future instructional designer because I can see what I should watch out, how interpret the learning process or which direction I would go.

I think the cognitive psychology is about input, output, and mind. Mind would vary according to individual nature, but output can vary how input materials work with mind. Sometimes, the process of input can influence the mind or output. The input would be my instructional designs. To be satisfied with my designs’ output, I need to the framework between input, output, and mind. That’s the first reason why I study Cognitive Psychology.

The second reason is that I can get useful examples from it. Sternberg, the author of the textbook, said that we can learn from history of this field or of any other field (pg3). We can notice where we are from and where we are heading. Also we can prevent the same mistakes from the past. It would be more practical for me to design good instructions with the appropriate direction and some ideas of failure from the past.

Finally, I believe this study is reliable because the right key ideas in Cognitive Psychology. (pg26)  Here are the key ideas:

  1. Experimental data is important in this field and it can be fully understood in the context of an explanatory theory.
  2. Cognition is dealt as a general issue. Freudian analysis or post-modern scream therapy principles deals with too specific cases.
  3. It allows considering interaction between cognitive and non cognitive processes. That’s reasonable not extreme.
  4. This study is based on scientific researches.
  5. All researches can be applied.


These key ideas help me to follow with more logical, less error materials or prevent errors for instructional design.

Therefore, I can learn many useful examples and data like case studies I can’t do as an individual.

This is my map for direction of this study. It will be revised according to my further studying)


One Response to “Why I Study Cognitive Psychology”

  1. atrombley Says:

    I really like your map! I am a visual learner and seeing the way that you organized the information in your map was very helpful! I’m not sure I really understand your connection between cognition and Freudian analysis/scream therapy. What do you think Freudian scholars would say about cognition?

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