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my routine February 13, 2010

Filed under: CECS 5510 Technology- based learning environments — Echang @ 6:10 pm

My life seems very simple staying home, but I always keep busy every day with house holdings, my work, and studying. From early in the morning, I prepare my kid’s lunch box first and then serve breakfast for family. Sometimes my kid eats breakfast in the car while I am driving to the school. After returning home around 8 AM, I start to check my e-mail and video conferencing with my working partner in my country through the Internet. Recently I use a web cam for this conference, but the connection is frequently disconnected. Therefore we like to exchange e-mail more often. Then I start to study for course work and I need to be wise to use limited time for my studying. However, online course makes me more exploring for searching and reflection. It takes much more time for me to read materials in English. Then around 3 o’clock, I need to pick up my kid and I must become a mom from then dropping off and picking up my kid and arranging her daily activity schedule. In the evening, I arrange the Internet video clips for my kid’s study for her own language. I can apply the various technologies for my kid’s studying. While she is studying, I am also keeping up with my reading. That’s my daily routine. Even though I spend whole morning everyday for studying, I am always struggling to keep up with the course works. Language disability makes me very hard and frustrated.


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