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perception February 26, 2010

Filed under: CECS 5300 Cognitive Psychology — Echang @ 8:51 pm

Activity 3: Blog Reflection – Go to and play with it for a few minutes.

How do theories of perception explain and the cognitive structures of perception allow humans to make use of such a digital development to experience the simulation of particles and their three main manipulable components here? What is the role of the digital simulation in aiding human perception of concepts that involve elements too small to physically manipulate

  • 1st try

What is it? Why I need to play with it? What’s my objectives?

need more time.

  • 2nd collecting information

I still don’t know what I should do for this assignment, so I decided to visit other peer’s blog and see his posting regarding this issue. I visited Brus’ blog and read his posting and noticed I needed to know the ” Particles and the three components. Untill this moment, I didn’t realize what i should do. I just considered about the term of particles.

Do I need to find some information about particicles? i don’t think the instructor meant I should focus on this issue.

So I spend one more day.

  • 3rd  Perception

Today, I found out that I have been influenced by my language disability in perception.

I perceive input information totally wrong becuase I think too much on terms or language.

It makes me to lead wrong way to go. For this assignment, I just considered I should know about particles and components. I didn’t know why I should do this assignment regarding perception.  With Brus’ blog, I digged more to think about connection between particles and simulation. Therefore, I decided to investigate ” particles” to do this assignment just before I read the last blog partner, Amy’s posting.

After reading it, everything is clear now.

This assinment is to think about simulation cooncting with perception. Now I understand the assignment’s objectives.

The term “Particles” was like confusing picture by Escher. Like Escher’s trick, the word “particles” misled me to  considering other things. I just came out of the obstacle which made me confused.

Now I can tell simulation and perception.

Simulation is really good for learners because they can experience any conditions which are embeded in the certain projects. Experiencing the all situation, learners can anaysis whole components’ influences in the certain condition.

It gives learners to accumulate some basic information which can help when working memory organizes the information in perception period of cognitive processing. i think it is based on Top down approach. If we don’t have simulation, we just have information which we can experience in real life , so our perception would be limited. Especially, in the too small world like dealing with particles, simulation gives learners clear evidences or explanation than reading.

Applying any perception theory, if we have certain information which helps input information organized in the working memory, the perception occurs in right and clear way. I mean we can more percieve with more prior knowledge or experiences.


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