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Memory March 7, 2010

Filed under: CECS 5300 Cognitive Psychology — Echang @ 7:03 pm

Activity 3: Blog Reflection – Go to
and complete the 20 minute activity. What did it tell you about your own memory? What might you do to prepare if you were going to do it again?

It was an interesting test with 10 categories.

With first test of spot the differences, I could not recognize all of them, but the site said it is normal for not overloading brain. It was similar test with test 8 delay recall test, and I spotted the change fortunately.

For number digit test, I got higher score relatively even though it was language matter test. I used chunking strategy for this to earn score and it worked well.

In spatial test, I got 100 % correct answer which man usually gets more than woman, so I was so glad. Actually I have enjoyed reading maps like my father who always looked at maps and even put it on the wall to look into all the routes in the map. So I always try to draw a big map first then I put some details later whatever I do. I think that’s why I am good at spatial test.

In the last test about long term memory, it said that I am better at remembering events and plans over long periods of time than remembering what you are doing moment to moment. In addition, I can remember when I have a cue to remind.

With all these tests, I could have a chance to think about proper strategies for each memory task. If I take it one more time, I can use those strategies, but I am still not confident about grid squares test for short time.

 Now complete the following 5-10 minute exercise:

Did this help improve your memory? If so, how might this knowledge help you plan a lesson in which making sure that the learner was able to memorize important facts and information while being able to use it to effectively solve problems or do other work?

I could remember 15 items in order, but I could not when I had more.

When I tried 30 items, I recall my living room, bathroom, and my daughter’s room by chunking the group of items, but i could not recall the order of irem in each categorized group. I made a story with the items like a penguin plays the trumpet and a butterfly flew away. When I was sailing on the yacht  listning CD, and on the table I found a freesbee.. something like that. However, there are too many places , I could not recall the order of the items in each place. If I did the hard one first, I may recall it with a more organized story.

Meaningful cues which can help retrieval is very important using indivisual experiences or contexts.


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