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Method of Loci March 8, 2010

Filed under: CECS 5300 Cognitive Psychology — Echang @ 7:58 pm

Activity 6:
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Try the Method of Loci. Did it work? If so, what cognitive principles does it employ? How does it relate to your experience in Activity 5?

I used this strategy for memorizing 30 items in order. I chunked them into certain place according to the items’ characteristics like bathroom for soap, studyingroom for pencil. It worked for chunking the items, but I could not apply it for remembering the order. When I got several places to remember, it was very difficult to the order what happens in that place. If I have few places to remember, I can more actively associate certain action to memorize the order of items.

However, for easy or middle test, I could apply this strategy and it worked very well to recall.


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