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Any town March 18, 2010

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Why I didn’t pay attention this game until now.  It looks scary for the first time. Having experienced in children’s stories for long time, the look of Any town didn’t attract me so well. In addition, game was not my favorite. I have been prohibited from being addicted in games.

After experiencing Second life, attracted by MUVE, I started to look at Any Town.

I could not find it easily on the Internet.

Finally, I fell in the world of Quest Atlnatis. That’s my dream cometrue world.

“Second life + educational+ exploring ”  have been my dream. Why I didn’t notice this until now?

I am digging it !!


2 Responses to “Any town”

  1. Doc Says:

    I’m glad you liked Anytown! I cannot find it at the moment and I built it. Where did you find Anytown in Quest Atlantis?

    • Echang Says:

      I couldn’t find it in the QA, but it was a key for me to start to explore QA for my midterm paper.
      I read your article about it and I found a blog said that Anytown is a well planned and presented.

      However, I could not find AnyTown, then I decided to explore Plague instead.

      I would like to learn more about game and writing instruction.
      Thesedays, my daughter plays ” scribble nauts” which looks vey creative game integrated word education, I think.
      I would like to search these kind of educational game for final paper.

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