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My favorite online application March 23, 2010

  • BLOG: Recommend at least two online apps, youtube videos, podcasts, wikis, etc. that you find most inspiring and useful for your own design of online instruction. These could two of those you used in your learning scenario assignment.
  • I like youtube videos because they are suitable for visual learners or novices. Video clips provide visual tutorials and obvious directions of instruction. Therefore, technology instruction or other procedural instructions can be shown through videos. In addition, most learners are familiar TV environment, so youtube videos are easy to learn or apply for education. However, searching suitable videos is not easy for begginers. Therefore, some alternative sites which have only educational video clips like, or educational channel within youtube  are more helful. I applied this application for older generation or ordinary people in the community educational centers for technology or book making courses.


    I like wikis which provide a collaboration tool for asynchronous cooperation with peers or other learners.

    With web 2.0, the more people can create their own learning materials as project presentation or certain virtual spaces for collaboration. They can upload their files, exchange e-mails and use discussion section to share their ideas.

    With certain duration of learning, learners work together asynchronously. I applied this application for making project webpage in social studies or writing class. Accumurating thier ideas, learners can make a virtual space where learning materials are stored and presented. In addition, anytime, they can update the contents with edit functin. It is very convenient for collaboration.


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