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social presence March 23, 2010


  • CODING SOCIAL PRESENCE: see Rourke, et al (1999) on page 61. Re-read all your contributions in our forums in Blackboard so far and code them according to the categories and indicators described in Table 1. Provide your feedback and reflection in your blog.
  • Social presence is difined as a ability of learners to project themselves socially and affectively into a community of inquiry.

    There are three categories for social presence: Affective, Interactive, and cohesive.

    In affective category, there are three types of indicators: expression of emotions, use of humor, self-disclosure.

    While I am posting, I tend to use this category frequently because I usually use emotion for learning. Learning is not a duty for my age, but I need some motivation for learning. I like learning something new.It is very pleasant experience, but I feel little bit frustrated or overwhelmed when I get new things. After overcome this moment, my learning experiences can be stored as pleasant moment. I would like to concentrate this processing. Not every learners are good at learning, but instructors need to motivate them to envolve in learning at any how. Therefore, I need to know when is suffering and what is a key to overcome. As a result, I tend to analyze my learning or ongoing project in emotional way. That’s why I often use this category  of affective presence for my posting expessing my feeling, and disclose my life. I am always comparing others and me in learning or learning processing because I can get some hints about what I should know or learn at this moment.

    For interactive presence, there are several methods to do so: continuing a thread, quoting from other’s messages, refering explicity to others’ messages, asking questions, complementing expressing appreciation, expressing agreement.

    I frquently tried to use this method to being connected with others. Online learning gives a feeling of distance. Especially as a foreigner, I tried to call others’ name or greetings in the beginning of my posting. I felt I could show my friendship or my positive position for them, using this methods. Therefore, I can be more involved with learning. Interaction is very important element for learning.

    Cohesive seems like interactive category, referring names, adressing the group as we, us, our group, and using greetings and closures. It’s more calling function, while the interctive category is for facilitating discussion.

    I can find all these categories from my postings and efforts to be connected.

    However, I didn’t use them all from first time. Over time, I have accepted these methods from interaction with others, doing posting activities. When I have gotten positive expessions, I have used them for myself for the courses.

    I was very surprised when I read these analysis in document just like I have experienced.


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