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Process of language comprehension March 30, 2010

Activity 3: Blog Reflection – Try to have a ten minute conversation with two different people in which you DO NOT use the letter “n.” Write a reflection about the experience.

I think this is about ” Process of Language Comprehension” On page 364, there is a boxed explanation. I think it is the same situation as our assigned experiment.

While we communicate with other language speakers, we need to care about these processes: speech perception, semantics, and syntax.

There are some elements to improve your conversation: speed, pause, consonant sound, vowel sound, sentence construction.

With these elements, we can see different result from the experiment.


As a non-native speaker of English, I was very curious how the result was. I tried it with my daughter who is bilingual speaker. While we were talking about snack after school, she seemed not to recognize my missing N project. She just answered naturally for my askings: Do you like ora_ge juice or milk? _o. (no)  Can you _otice? etc. She didn’t notice and we continued several sentences. Finally, she said to  me ” Mom,  You are speaking, missing some letters.”

I think for this time, she didn’t notice and the experiment didn’t go well because of my dull skill.

I asked her to try this at school. The next day, my daughter tried it with her friend who is also bilangual of English and Bulgarian. He also didn’t notice what was going on their conversation. When she asked him, then he noticed that something was missing .

I think I already made my speaking pace slowly and made some pause I planned missing N because it was not natural for me. Therefore, the audiences could not notice it.

I read other classmates’ blog, they expressed how difficult  they continued conversation.

I am curious how sentences could be heard for this experiment. When I asked my daughter about her perception, she said she didn’t realize at the first, then she felt some letters are missing not one.

Then she figured out what it was after I gave hints. 


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