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RLO Reusable Learning Objects(RLOs) March 31, 2010

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What are RLOs?

Learning Objects which educators can submit, use, or exchange.

Reusable Learning Object (RLO)
A specific chunk of content and code that represents an assessment, exercise, instructional content, etc. In theory, RLO’s can be used in many different courses. Like the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the famed jackalope, RLO’s are frequently discussed and seldom ever seen. (

Reusable learning object (RLO)
Reusable learning object is the smallest building block used in any eLearning program. The main value of using the
learning object approach/philosophy in training projects is the idea that LO’s can stand independently of a framework
such as a eLearning section/course/program and be reused in a totally different training setting. This means that LO’s
can reused resulting in a much higher return on investment due to the reuse of existing assets within the organization.
An important/essential factor that aids in the reuse of LO’s is the labeling of metadata. If LO’s are given accurate
descriptors with the necessary categorization then the reuse of LO’s are much more likely. (



characteristics: 1. small , bite sized chucked learning

                                 2. particular narrow topic

                                 3. 15-30 min. shorter timeschedule

                                 4. accessed at anywhere with web browser and Internet connection

                                5. simply linked from your LMS

                                6. usually required password

characteristics, small and portable.

                                2. sharable and practical for use in multiple coursesies

                                3. a pedagogical goal

1. presented as videos, slides, and audio components

2. no cost

3. used as a tutorials, simulation, games, evaluation, assignment, activities

4. ready to use

Hodgins, H. W. (2000). The future of learning objects. In D. A. Wiley (Ed.), The Instructional Use of Learning Objects: Online Version. Retrieved MONTH DAY, YEAR, from the World Wide Web:

Taylor, D. L., & Stewart, G., Dunn, T. L., (2005) The Design of reusable learning objects to teach database concepts

International Journal of Learning; 2005/2006, Vol. 12 Issue 8, p129-141, 13p retrieved March 31, 2010, from

Korean version articles

1. supporting self directed learning (자기주도 학습), knowledge management system (지식경영)

2. Chunk Barritt (2000)

3. categories – Content Items, Practice Items, Assessment Item

1. concept- Wayne Hodgins (1994)


The successful repositories are:

Merlot (



What purpose/s do RLOs have in online instruction?

Are they (a) teaching strategies? (b) managment objects? (c) learners’ study aids? or (d) all of the above?


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