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time issue April 6, 2010

With components of online learning system, time saving solution can be found in various ways.
I liked some said that the infrastructure would be the “Super WalMart” of learning experiences. That’s true. We are supposed to  get everything in one place.

First, Students can do everything at one place, a user’s portal and they also can customize the interface as they like. This is much convenient to access learning management system, digital resources, and services on non-academic areas such as advising or counseling. If they are online, they can do anything at one place. It saves time for students not to go to many places to do the same work physically. With learner services, students get appropriate and quick helps from proper people. It supports students to be more confident and comfortable in their study, so students can get rid of their problems easily and quickly. However, it works by itself without changing of students’ attitude or tendency. Students need to be proactive and positive to find solutions asking helps to supporters online. If students don’t speak out their confusing or uncomfortable situation, the problems would never be solved.

Second, instructors can easily manage students or instruction using technologies like LMS, student information system, or courseware. The information delivery can vary and occur very quickly through online system. This is another point of saving time in education. However, instructors also need to be ready for this system.

The online learning system is continuously developing, saving time of effective learning. For this progress, the users: students and instructors also need to change in attitude or tendency using online learning system. The real time saving depends on users. If they are all comfortable, then time saving components are valid.

Let me explain how I feel about time saving point in real life.

I can say this in two points of view.
I can remember the time I researched information for my script writing in the public library ten years ago and the time I put my book to line up for being copied for references in my college years. At that time, I spent much time to get information which I was not sure if they were really helpful or not before reading copied one. First of all, I just rushed to copy them and I could read them at home later. If they were not suitable, I returned to the library again and agian. Before making copy and reading them for enough time, I could not figure out if they were good or not.

However, with internet, I am much comfortable for work or studying. I can decide quickly if I need to search more or not.

From other viewpoint, distraction! I became more distracted with more information. I like exploring, so I continue to digging more and more. That causes bad time management for me. However, I am still curious, so I dig and dig deeper. Because of this, I cannot complete my task on time and this habit continues. These days, I said to myself to make sure where to stop. If it will be beyond my ability, it is better not to go further. Sometimes, I cannot help.

Organizing information is really matter for me at this moment.

Anyway, I think RSS or twitter can help me for this more narrowed browsing with certain topic, but I am not looking at them these days because of distraction.

Another peer said that:  

Davis refers to the automatic flexibility online learning provides. This is in terms of place and time of work. You must be dedicated in an online course. You must make the time and make the time work for you.

I am still working on time management. As a learner of online environment, many things should be considered.

Online learning makes me study as a returned student as well as working mom. It means I have more to do in the same time schemes. With technologies, I can facilitate my learning  while I am working and being a housewife. Likewise, more people can study or continue to study after graduation of university. To gain pleasant learning experiences, we need to manage what to choose and what to give up apparently. To gain  too much will cause disaster for real life.

Organizing information and time management are the crucial key of online learners.


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