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creativity and transferring my feeling April 12, 2010

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This activity reminds me a piggy bank long ago.

This is a piggy bank which a restaurant gave me for opening present. It didn’t look so nice to me. 

At that time, I and my daughter had dinner with my daughter’s friend and his mom. While we were talking, I found out the mom was so sensitive and worried too much about her son. Moreover, she tried to make brag of her son, blaming other people. I was so uncomfortable, but I could understand her like other moms. However, I concerned about her bias about other people as dangerous. Actually I became to be sick not to stop her because I could easily imagine how her bias would work for others. In other words, while I was very uncomfortable not being like her as a mom, I was also very uncomfortable not to criticize anything about her dangerous bias. I tried to balance righteousness with mom’s love at that time.

After coming home, I painted the piggy bank like this:

I remembered the children’s story about mom’s pure love. I wanted to keep this love not destroying others. Keeping it mind, I stayed several nights to paint the piggy bank.

When I talked with her, I identified the problem: my consciousness was fighting to be a good mom and to be a good neighbor. I wanted to express my love for my kid, not to destroy others’ feeling. I could see the piggy bank and it maintained the story which I wanted to keep a lesson to be balanced as a good mom and a good neighbor. I recalled the story about mom’s love and connected it with the piggy bank. I could notice shape of the piggy can fit the mom and baby picture. Then I painted it. I have a piggy bank, and it has a story which can be a kind of retrieval cue of the lesson on that day. I wanted to get rid of the comfortable feeling of that day or transfer it into pleasant memory, so I wanted to visualize the change of my feeling on the material which I got that day.

Whenever I see this piggy bank, it reminds me how I felt and learned a lesson that day.

Just like this, I am trying to transfer my feelings when I studying in online learning environment which I have never experienced into pleasant or positive feelings to help other prospective students in my future life.


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