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creativity and problem solving April 13, 2010

Filed under: CECS 5300 Cognitive Psychology — Echang @ 1:18 pm

Activity 3: Blog Reflection – Go here:
Where is the problem solving? What are you doing? What is the problem with this site? What creative solutions to this did you try?

It is very hard to read the site contents. When I visited this site first, I tried to find out what it was about. From the home page, there is explanation about Parepin. I selected the contents to copy and paste, and I could read them easily from the site. And then I tried to find who author is in the bottom, but I could not find any author information. The last page has a e-mail link to author, but I am very curious why the author made this site in this style?

First I try to google parepin I got the some information.


I have also related information with parepin. The rock group NIN is related to this? How?

Is it related to a kind of game? ARG?

year zero is game or song?

Why parepin is designed for gift?

Finally I found this.

From replying, commercial film or current trends use this puzzling people. The screen source is similar to the site. This is teaser advertising strategy for promotion I think.

Before I found out these things, I had strong feeling about  parepin and I seemed to be familiar with it. With contents, I felt very mysterious and little bit scary. However, the word itself , for me as a visual representation, was not new to me.

Now I found out that Brus and Jame were talking about in our forum. The title of the posting remains strongly in my mind. Before I read Ann’s blog, I didn’t realized, but now every thing is clear why I seemd to be familiar with it.


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