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reasoning April 16, 2010

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Activity 3: Blog Reflection – Try to have a conversation with someone in which you try to get them to do something (i.e. eat a packet of catsup, shave a cat, etc.) that is kind of or really odd in two different scenarios. In the first, you develop a strong argument with 4 or more reasons why they should decide to do what you want. In a second situation, provide only one reason and make it pretty weak (i.e. Give me an A in class even though I have done no work this semester. My cat has been trying to explode my head using its mind.) Tell what happens.

I am always looking for reasonings for persuading my kid to do something, but I don’t want to force her to do something. One day, I found some good persuasive reasoning for kids. It was a book,  Kids & Co, winning business tactics for every family (2003) written by Ros Jay.

According to Ray, we can apply business skills for kid education. In other words, just like dealing with customers, we need to respect kid’s opinions and look at their situation from kid’s point of view. The skills are introduced as customer service, sales skills, negotiation skills, motivation skills, management skills, team work skills. I have used these skills to provide reasonings for why I want my daughter to do certain things. For example, mom needs to go to the market with children who are watching TV program. However it is very hard for them to stop watching for shopping, because they like the TV program and Shopping is more boring than watching TV. At this time, mom can suggest them to record the program and them watch it later or go to buy ice cream to the market. Suggesting from children’s view point, mom is more persuasive than just saying it is important to go to the market right now. Suggesting two choices, they will choose one of them, and it means they will go to market now. Likewise, if customer wants to buy a hat, the sales person asks what color or which design the customer like more. That means customer will buy one now. It seems to be marketing principles or distract them, but it is effective because they are satisfied with choosing by themselves.

Likewise, to do this kind of task, we can make reasoning which audience can choose. You just design the reasoning leading them to doing it. In addition, the contents of reasoning should be made from audience view point.


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