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Virtual Learning Team facilitating tips April 16, 2010

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Luetkehans, L. & Bailey, M.L. (1999). Facilitating Virtual Learning Teams in Online Learning Environments. In B. Collis & R. Oliver (Eds.), Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 1999 (pp. 1123-1127). Chesapeake, VA: AACE. Retrieved from

Dr. Luetkehans (1999) provided these tips for facilitating Virtual Learning Team .

Search for learning scenarios and/or RLOs that you think will work very well for virtual teams. Share these in your blog. Come up with at least two examples.


Once I tried to form a virtual small study group in SL for synchronous discussion. Even though it was difficult to meet together at the same time, I am still considering virtual environments like Second life as future learning environments for dynamic interaction.

  • Scenario 1 discussion

First of all, I like to meet my online peers in the virtual environment for voice chatting or chatting as discussion tool. Our avatars can meet there and talk each other. Through this activity, I can get rid of feeling of distance and form trust.

How to chat videos:

Voice chat setup

Voice chat etiquette

There are some series for chatting: who’s talking, how to improve my hearing, private calls, speaking gesture, how to turn on lip sync, record voice chat

Audacity program download for recording ( this is little bit hard to understand)

Menu direction: Edit-Preferences- voice chat

  • Scenario 2 Power Point Presentation

  1. Teleport to Escribir Park
  2. Activate local chat
  3. Position avatar for PPT
  4. Use hands-free chat
  5. Direct avatar’s look
  6. Activate Lip sync.

Usually creating PPT presentation is assigned for team work. I think to do this assignment in Second Life will be a good experience for teamwork. 

  • Scenario3 Video making in SL


I have seen a video clip which a team created for their own team project for instructional designing. It was very impressive as an audience. They could not meet in person, but they met in the virtual environment and discussed about their projects videotaping the moment. At that time, I just shared my ideas through e-mail and wikispaces. They showed that they discussed in the discussion room, skating rink, in the sky about their project. While watching the video, I thought I was with them actually.

However, I am still looking for the way how to make one.

  • Scenario4 Virtual quest

This is 3D Merlot in Second life. You can do many activities or project from here.

You can start a quest with classmate in 3D Melot.



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