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theory April 18, 2010

Filed under: CECS 5300 Cognitive Psychology — Echang @ 4:51 am
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Activity 2: Blog Reflection – Based on what you read, what theory to you put the most faith in? How does it influence how you teach, train, learn, etc.? Why?
I like constructivism theory because it describes what education is for. I think that knowledge is not sticking to  certain shape or certain meaning. Knowledge would be grow or development. I liked the concept of “scaffolding”.
I ‘ve heard that Bruner is the first person to mention scaffolding in education. After that Vitgosky described  what ZPD is. I think we need to find ZPD and provide proper scaffolding within ZPD for children education.
I think the teachers role is to support students’ learning, not dominate in education. From this pint of view, teachers have to more focuss on the students’ problems or suffering than knowledge delivery. 



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