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week6-2 Convergent analysis July 19, 2010

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Why I couldn’t understand the article regarding convergent analysis?

After long trip fighting with bundle of articles, I finally found out why it was so important for me. Convergent analysis is a strategy for educational research with practictioner- oriented questions. Many researches were conducted for researchers. There are no condition explanations for certain technologies application or concrete actions in using those technologies from teachers’ point of view. Dr. Norris et al explained why convergent analysis was so important for education researches in their article.

Without any basic knowlege about research process, I could not identify how it was different from other researches. Finally, I understood it practically now. That’s related ways what I have thought for conclusion. I mean the answers for the second research question. That’s the direction why I have to look into the investigation environment or condition and compare the situation with teachers’ point of view.

Nowadays, many learning activities are conducted in self-directed learning methods. I am going to review the research conditions in this points, keeping in mind of convergent analysis.

From this point of view, I found some answers for the first research questions. However, I encounter another problems in setting.

It is very hard to find researches for computer simulations in elementary setting. Therefore, I am looking the settings, tracking each subject related studies’ references.

Norris, C., Smolka, J., & Soloway, E. (1999). Convergent analysis: A method for extracting the value from research studies on technology in education.


week6 resource analysis July 13, 2010

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I am working on resource analyzing with tracking strategy and research checkh lists which I found in week 4.

1. article categorizing

  • reviews
  • subjects regarding research
  1. biology
  2. astronomy
  3. physics
  4. chemistry
  5. earth science
  • resolution
  1. interaction
  2. collaboration
  3. 3D MUVE
  4. concept change
  5. prior knowledge

2. reading accurately and critically

  • overview -topic/research problem/resolution,outlines of its argument
  • abstract/ introduction/conclusion


My question on research at this moment:

1. Do I need to review overall in the all areas of science education, astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, and etc.or narrow one subject?

2. I can’t  find ESL students in science education. Do you have any ideas? Is it okay to review general science education?

3.Can I extend the previous research result from higher education or should stick on elementary group research only?
   I can infer certain direction from some results of high education because the authors mentioned it in their conclusions.

4. Should I buy articles? I found some related articles from references, but they are not free. With this situation, how can I track the related resources?


week5 concept changing, scaling down research

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I was still uncomfortable because I was not sure about the concept of ongoing research. I could not ask anything because I felt I was not ready for it.

Even though I learned new and important thins about research, still could not help getting rid of the thought that I was wrong on research topic. Before I got any clues, I could not ask anything. Okay, I tried to stick to check a reference which I found first.

I focused on Hew et al’s article which showed a direction for me and I found another article related it. It was really tracking which I learned from the literature research study in the last week. Then I could catch a certain pattern of research papers. Then I wanted to think from the beginning: an inquiry word.

I read the direction provided by the professor again and again. While I studied 3D simulation, I found a helpful article which explained previous studies of computer simulation.

Finally, I restarted the research with “computer simulation” and collected other articles. I think it was clear than before. I started to scaling down my research with computer simulation out of too many resources.

I am working on resource analysis using tracking strategy and note-taking strategy which I learned.  Now I think what I should do for the next step. However, I don’t know how to report my status in organized manner to the professor. I will try to synthesize what I learned and what I have found in the week 6.

This is another chaos status, but clear to go forward.


Trundle, K.C., & Bell, R.L. (2010). The use of computer simulation to promote conceptual change: a quasi-experiental study. Computers & education. 54 (1078-1088) Retrieved from


week4 literature research procedure

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I was so overwhelmed and stressful about research. It was not that easy to analyze the other research results, remember from one to another, and connect the new research results with what I already studied.

There are many jargons which I was confused. Research methods were confusing to understand. I got questions about them, but I didn’t know how to fix it and how to ask.

I decided to check my own language version research study books and found some useful books in the bookstore. I bought them and checked them overall. Even though the authors are Korean, I chose two books written by professor who studied in the states. Their examples or quotations came from the international resources and they provided the jargons both Korean and English. It was much better for me. There were some instructions how to manage research.

I learned what literature research is, what its procedure is.

Literature research procedure


  •  Identify topic
  •  contextualization
  •  search resources
  • Analyze resources
  •  documentation

 I got some ideas for this course, but still wondering how to analyze current trend and many related articles. For this issue, the book suggested that I should have network for researching to get every possible and diverse resources and make a list of  articles and periodicals. I need some helps for this procedure, but I don’t know how to ask others. Especially, I need to know both Korean and American educational system, but it is very hard to see the system from outside. What can I do for this?

Then I search with what I learned from the book: literature research procedure. Finally I got good resources for it and learned very basic things,but it’s also very important. Guideline of dealing resources is really helpful.

  • What to do if you have too few sources
  • What to do if you have too many sources
  • synthesizing information
  • summarizing and note taking

written by Reed, L.E performing a literature review

The reference ,The Literature search process: protocols for researchers, is very useful to plan and check up the research process. I am so glad to have this resources at this moment.


Lee, J.S. (2009). Research methodology. Korea:kyoyookbook.

Nho,S.J., Moon, S. T., & Chang, S.C. (2008) Educational research ,methodology and statistics. Korea:dongmunsa

Anonymous. (2007) The literature search process: protocols for researchers Retrieved from

Reed, L.E performing a literature review retrieved from


week3 reading reading and narrowing the search results July 12, 2010

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Even though I got many articles as a resource, I started to be confused. I was not confident with my topic, 3D.

Is it a proper topic for this course requirement? There are many subject area in elementary science education: biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc. Do I need to focus on a certain subject? In addition, there are in-depth studies in each subject area. In astronomy, there are lessons for lunar, earth, and etc.

Moreover, I could not find any resources regarding ESL student education in science. I collected disability support method, but I started to think it was not proper research. It is also difficult to find research on elementary level.

I was reading and reading the articles, but I felt overwhelmed again. I have waited for reply from the professor and wanted to fix my unstable research condition.

I was totally lost.


week2 concept and seaching

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Actually I was not confident how to manage research, and little bit nervous to get started. Once I had an experience of writing a research proposal, even though I didn’t learn any research procedure. Everything was ambiguous for me while I went more and more. Fortunately, I am taking a class regarding research analysis and I learned about research. I found out there are several kinds of research forms and patterns. Then I just started looking for resources.

However, I could not have accurate understanding of the research concept, computer simulation. Until now I collected resources about ESL writing education. I had a plan to dig for the next step. Science education is a new field for me as a researcher who has never experienced American elementary school system and I am  absolutely not familiar to science education. I tried to narrow the topic to connect with what I knew. Therefore, I decided to dig 3D simulation which method is more familiar for me from my previous experience of Quest Atlantis.

I started to search related articles in the ERIC with the searching word, 3D. I got a huge amount of articles, picked what I want to know, and saved them in the library online folder. And then I selected some of them from whole results.

Fortunately I found a research review article and planned to follow the outline. It was clear for me to see and predict the research procedure. I learned there is review of research to see overall study researches. I thought I got an outline for the research paper.


purpose of the review


  • searching and selection procedures
  • data analysis

results and discussion

  • definition
  • types of research methods
  • research topics and their related findings
  • Affective domain
  • learning outcomes


  • significance of this review
  • suggestions for future research



  • summary of reviewed studies


Hew, K.F.,& Cheung, W.S. (2010). Use of three-dimentional (3-D) immersive virtual worlds in K-12 and higher education settings: a review of the research. British Journal of Educational technology, 41 (1) 33-55


Week1 Research topic

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I should have to start blogging earlier, but I could not how to manage the research process. Actually, I spent much time to search for suitable resources, but I don’t have any classmate with me to peek out. After long time wandering, I decided to keep blogging for facilitate research process. In addition, I read a research result regarding blogging. From the interview results, I learned students writes down anything while they are studying for reflection even emotional things. I was sensitive to write in my blog because it is open to public. However, I noticed that students don’t care about who gonna read it. Okay, I want to have a record of reflection to improve my research and soothe me to keep going.

In the first week, everything was chaos. I came back to my home to meet family. Even though I registered my course earlier, but I had to check it out again for changing. Therefore, I should register the class in the airplane, after borrowing a laptop from other passenger. I just started this research with tremendous chaos.

My research topic was given, but I was so surprised becuase it is about science education which I have never tried before.