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week2 concept and seaching July 12, 2010

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Actually I was not confident how to manage research, and little bit nervous to get started. Once I had an experience of writing a research proposal, even though I didn’t learn any research procedure. Everything was ambiguous for me while I went more and more. Fortunately, I am taking a class regarding research analysis and I learned about research. I found out there are several kinds of research forms and patterns. Then I just started looking for resources.

However, I could not have accurate understanding of the research concept, computer simulation. Until now I collected resources about ESL writing education. I had a plan to dig for the next step. Science education is a new field for me as a researcher who has never experienced American elementary school system and I am  absolutely not familiar to science education. I tried to narrow the topic to connect with what I knew. Therefore, I decided to dig 3D simulation which method is more familiar for me from my previous experience of Quest Atlantis.

I started to search related articles in the ERIC with the searching word, 3D. I got a huge amount of articles, picked what I want to know, and saved them in the library online folder. And then I selected some of them from whole results.

Fortunately I found a research review article and planned to follow the outline. It was clear for me to see and predict the research procedure. I learned there is review of research to see overall study researches. I thought I got an outline for the research paper.


purpose of the review


  • searching and selection procedures
  • data analysis

results and discussion

  • definition
  • types of research methods
  • research topics and their related findings
  • Affective domain
  • learning outcomes


  • significance of this review
  • suggestions for future research



  • summary of reviewed studies


Hew, K.F.,& Cheung, W.S. (2010). Use of three-dimentional (3-D) immersive virtual worlds in K-12 and higher education settings: a review of the research. British Journal of Educational technology, 41 (1) 33-55


One Response to “week2 concept and seaching”

  1. Echang Says:

    이 문서를 보면 대강 리터러처 리서치 리뷰가 어떤 형식으로 이루어져야 할지 길이 보인다… 가장 좋은 건 가장 유명한 작가가 쓴 리뷰인데.. 그 정통성과 학계에서 인정을 받은 학설이기 때문이다.

    그래서 리서치 자료 수집중에 자주 나오는 작가의 이름을 기억해 두는 것이 좋다
    이건 구글에 가서 그 사람 이름을 치면 그 사람에 대한 논문과 그 사람을 인용했던 논문, 그 횟수가 쫙 뜨는데… 그 횟수나 관련 논문이 많으면 거기서 부터 파헤쳐도 좋은 수확이 나올수가 있다…이건 내 리서치 7주 이후에 얻는 수확이었다…
    나중에 덧붙여 쓸게..

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