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week4 literature research procedure July 13, 2010

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I was so overwhelmed and stressful about research. It was not that easy to analyze the other research results, remember from one to another, and connect the new research results with what I already studied.

There are many jargons which I was confused. Research methods were confusing to understand. I got questions about them, but I didn’t know how to fix it and how to ask.

I decided to check my own language version research study books and found some useful books in the bookstore. I bought them and checked them overall. Even though the authors are Korean, I chose two books written by professor who studied in the states. Their examples or quotations came from the international resources and they provided the jargons both Korean and English. It was much better for me. There were some instructions how to manage research.

I learned what literature research is, what its procedure is.

Literature research procedure


  •  Identify topic
  •  contextualization
  •  search resources
  • Analyze resources
  •  documentation

 I got some ideas for this course, but still wondering how to analyze current trend and many related articles. For this issue, the book suggested that I should have network for researching to get every possible and diverse resources and make a list of  articles and periodicals. I need some helps for this procedure, but I don’t know how to ask others. Especially, I need to know both Korean and American educational system, but it is very hard to see the system from outside. What can I do for this?

Then I search with what I learned from the book: literature research procedure. Finally I got good resources for it and learned very basic things,but it’s also very important. Guideline of dealing resources is really helpful.

  • What to do if you have too few sources
  • What to do if you have too many sources
  • synthesizing information
  • summarizing and note taking

written by Reed, L.E performing a literature review

The reference ,The Literature search process: protocols for researchers, is very useful to plan and check up the research process. I am so glad to have this resources at this moment.


Lee, J.S. (2009). Research methodology. Korea:kyoyookbook.

Nho,S.J., Moon, S. T., & Chang, S.C. (2008) Educational research ,methodology and statistics. Korea:dongmunsa

Anonymous. (2007) The literature search process: protocols for researchers Retrieved from

Reed, L.E performing a literature review retrieved from


2 Responses to “week4 literature research procedure”

  1. Echang Says:

    여기 소개된 두 글 (밑에서 두개)는 정말로 리서치를 하는데 도움이 되는 글이었다. 그러니까 꼭 읽어보고 시작하는게 좋고… 그런데.. 이 주에 주된 나의 고민은 리서치 페이퍼 몇 백개 읽고나서 어찌 전부다 연결해서 분석하는지였기 때문에

    더욱 이 article들이 도움이 됐던 것같아…

    처음엔 아마 뭔 소리인지 모를거고.. 나중에 자료 많이 찾아놓고 나면 뭔말인지 이해가 될것임…

  2. Echang Says:

    위의 두 책은 한국 교수가 쓴 책인데… 교보나 한국 도서 사이트 가거나 유명 교수의 사이트에서 얻어낸 정보로 자기가 관심있는 분야에 리서치 연구에 관한 책이 있는지 알아보는 것도 중요

    그런 책이 있으면, 바로 정답을 찾은 거나 마찬가지다.. 물론 미국이랑 연결이 돼야 하지만..

    여기서 다시 내 고민이었던 것은 그 분야에 종사하지 않는한 초보로서는 그 분위기 파악이 전혀 안 된다는 것인데.. 그래서 나는 그 당시 미국 학교 선생님인 친구, 한국학교 선생님, 다 동원해 볼 생각이었는데… 이들 역시 내가 뭔 원하는지 몰라서 별로 도움을 주지 못한 것같아.. 하지만… 그들도 모른다는 데서

    내가 모르는게 이상한게 아니라는 이상한 자신감같은걸 챙기게 됐다..

    만약 기회가 된다면 이 부분에서 네트워킹을 하는게 나중에도 무척 도움이 많이 될것같아.. 다 연결을 못 하더라도 연락처나 리스트업을 해 놓으면 아주 좋을 듯..
    결국 다 그 사람들이 주도를 하는거거든…어디나…

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