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week5 concept changing, scaling down research July 13, 2010

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I was still uncomfortable because I was not sure about the concept of ongoing research. I could not ask anything because I felt I was not ready for it.

Even though I learned new and important thins about research, still could not help getting rid of the thought that I was wrong on research topic. Before I got any clues, I could not ask anything. Okay, I tried to stick to check a reference which I found first.

I focused on Hew et al’s article which showed a direction for me and I found another article related it. It was really tracking which I learned from the literature research study in the last week. Then I could catch a certain pattern of research papers. Then I wanted to think from the beginning: an inquiry word.

I read the direction provided by the professor again and again. While I studied 3D simulation, I found a helpful article which explained previous studies of computer simulation.

Finally, I restarted the research with “computer simulation” and collected other articles. I think it was clear than before. I started to scaling down my research with computer simulation out of too many resources.

I am working on resource analysis using tracking strategy and note-taking strategy which I learned.  Now I think what I should do for the next step. However, I don’t know how to report my status in organized manner to the professor. I will try to synthesize what I learned and what I have found in the week 6.

This is another chaos status, but clear to go forward.


Trundle, K.C., & Bell, R.L. (2010). The use of computer simulation to promote conceptual change: a quasi-experiental study. Computers & education. 54 (1078-1088) Retrieved from


One Response to “week5 concept changing, scaling down research”

  1. Echang Says:

    이 주에는 내가 검색어에 대한 걸 깨달은 것같아.

    검색어에 따라 리서치 결과가 많이 달라질수있으니까.. 이 주 까지도 3D와 시뮬레이션을 구분 못하고 있었는데… 어떤 한 논문을 통해 시뮬레이션 안에 3D가 들어가고 한 방법으로서…그러면서 내 검색은 computer simulation으로 바뀌어져있었어… 그냥 simulation과 computer simulation의 검색결과는 나에게 새로는 장을 열어줬다.

    다시 리소스 검색을 시작하고 혼란의 상태를 맞았지만, 이 번 검색부터는 좀 꼬리에 꼬리를 무는 방법으로 시도를 했지.. 그러니까 한 리서치를 보고 그에 해당하는 reference목록에서 관련 리서치를 찾아낼수있었다…

    그러니까.. 훨씬 연결해서 분석하기가 좋았다…

    하지만 앞의 방황도 필요한 거였던건 확인한 것같아…

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