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Group Project Reflection December 11, 2009

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Think about instructional design in general. What have you learned this semester about working in teams? What about process? What else?
Also, what did you learn from the Evaluation of the product? What would you do differently next time? How much did you learn from the process and evaluation that will make you a better future instructional designer?

I have learned a lot from the projects in this course work. Timeframe was the biggest challenge for me, but I did it finally with a good result. I am so excited and happy this moment because I got inspired by other teams’ works.

Actually, I could not understand what I was learning class by class for the first moment. However, I realized that everything is connected with certain relationship. For instant, I didn’t follow the direction when I learned about Second Life even though Jenny , one of my classmate made SL beginner training ID which I have stuck from beginning. I could not understand her ID thoroughly in the beginning, but I liked her ID form and process which she developed from beginning to the conclusion. From her ID, I learned a lot of formatting ID documents. These days, I started to learn SL and read her ID again while I am writing another ID on Master Program website. For this time, I realized that I could understand what she was saying in her ID and I started to applying her point of view to analyzing and developing ID to my new ID work.  Simultaneously, I learned SL and figured out how I should develop ID doc. while I was reading her SL ID again.

In addition, I could frequently talk with my project team member more effectively applying what I learned so far. I did what I could and he helped for what I couldn’t. We worked effectively and collaboratively.

 It was a great experience. I am so glad to have peers who inspire  and motivate me to go forward and to know SL, the potential educational tool. I got the idea which I can use it for my ID in the future. Learning is so exciting with technology. I am so excited to explore…..

I would like to meet them in SL in the future to share our new learning experience.


Timeframe December 8, 2009

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Think about your product. How long will it take to get the development done? Is it feasible in a reasonable timeframe?

Overal work can be developed in a reasonable timeframe because it will be main frame. However detail work is always tough because we need to consider many things in the context. We need to check whole stakeholders to implement our instruction design. To gather the data would take time and analysis would require delicate process. Just like construction, we need to pay attention not missing the important step. With possible amount of feedback and consideration, we need to think about the process. If finishing this process, the expectation of timeframe will be match.


projectB December 4, 2009

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I uploaded project B document because I could not hold it by myself. I would like to revise more, I could not continue without any feedback. I just wanted to see it from a distance.

ID is very delicate  work like a task analysis in HCI. If I lose one step, the result doesn’t come. I need to break up the whole process into small steps. I doubt I understood the clients’ needs thoroughly? We discussed, but I confess that I could not understand the clients’ needs. I am just waiting for feedback to find out what I missed.

For me I have never experienced this kind of orientation when I just entered the department. There was off line orientation for whole UNT new students, but I was announced I could attend in the end part of the orientation because the earlier part was for other VISA holders. It was very confused when I figured out what degree plan by myself. I could not tell academic advisor from academic cordinator for my degree plan at that time. Everybody answered differently when I asked who I should meet for degree plan at that time.

Fortunatly I got a deegree plan. While I doing my project I can recall the process which I was curious and went through. Therefore, I could easily pointed out the steps of the process.

I found out the website was changed from Monday. It is different from what I saw by the last Saturday.

I need to  keep watching the changes and develop my document in detail.


Nature of Group Work

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  • What is great about it?

1. I can collect more ideas, and discuss wih team members to figure out what we are confused.

– It get me out from the thought I am alone. I really enjoy this feature at this moment. As a group, I feel more comfortable to ask and speak out on the topic.

2. I can compensate my weak points.

– Nobody is perfect, so we can help each others. I don’t feel guilty if I am not good at doing something. Insted, we can collaborate effectively supporting each other just under well communicating situation.

3. I can complete my project more accurately  and in detail. 

– I can do it more effectively and successfully in the shorter time limit.

  • What is horrible about it?

1.  I feel upset when I find I am the only person who is devoted.

2. If disconnected, I get mad.

3. I can be easily lost having too large size of work.

  • How can I use effective communication to overcome problems of group coordination towards completing a large project in a shorter amount of time than I could by myself?

With wikispace tool, we facilitate our keeping discussion and writing a document effectively. This asychronous method is much helpful for me because I am not good at instant discussion. I can have enough time to reply to my peers’ comments or opinions. I feel very comfortable. But I am embarrased when I miss them for a long time.


Instructional Designer

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“Your design is especially problematic, because you have to be aware not only of the instructional design and technology issues, but also the underlying ESL concepts and issues and address each in the design. This is a very complicated process regardless of the other content.”

My professor gave me an advice for Instructional design what I am interested in.

Truly I am an ESL student wanting to be a good instructional designer. Considering all things:technology, instruction design, and underlying concepts is really improtant. That is why I wanted to study ID as master’s progrm. I needed some theorical background of my design. That means I would like to know educational theories, practical models, and learning theories. In addition, do I need to be a content expert? That has been my dilemma as I have worked as a script writer for educational TV programs. I always search how entertain the young audience with my program. The contents are really simple to apply for that.  Especially I focused in language part because my major was language, I, myself  have spent much time to learn English as second language and I have seen my kid learning English from young age. In my country, everyone wants to master English, so many people try to go abroad studying English. Language acquisition is age related issue. Some theory said that we can learn other language perfectly before age of twelve. Therfore, many people try to send their children to English spoken contries even just by themselves or with single parent. This is increasing social problem: destroying family system. As a solution, our presiden declared English immersion program in our educational system, but it was rejected by many people who worried about unfair education for the public. This made me motivate more to study language ID for ESL students.

However, it is very hard for me to keep up with the whole things technology, ID, and educational concept. I should be a technician, an instructional designer and a content expert at the same time.  In real life, teachers are not technologists and  technologists are  not content expert. Therefore, the educational program script writers are treated as good experts who can consider both technology and contents in ID field of my country  at this moment. This is very good chance for me to study ID experiencing ESL learning environments.

However, it is very complicated to earn all skills at the same time. It distracts me not focusing on what I should do.

I am applying chunking and break down strategy to study and design. That’s really what I am tryign to do for me and for my design.


Communication skills for the project November 10, 2009

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Communication is very important for modern society. With web 2.0 technology, an individual can facilitate himself more effective in living in the fast changed world. We have experienced the explosion of the information. Now we have more and more collaborating technology. To use this technology, we need to be very active communicator. But how?

Communicate technology can save time. It doesn’t mean that we need spending less time to communicate, but it means that we can spend more time to communicate each other saving extra meetings which take place at the same time at the same place. However, people misunderstand how they communicate through communication technology.

We need to pay attention proper attitudes and skills of communication. Why we just want to save communication time as short as possible? We need to be more active and considerate to others through the convenient technology.

Now how I can be considerate for my members to collaborate for our project? Be patient!!  Be constructive! Be active!!


My ID in the future

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This is my only rest time because I can think about myself and my future.

I like to learn new things, but learning is always threatening me. What is wrong with me? How I like learning if I am afraid of learning new things.

New things make me pull down. The feeling of being dumb makes me not go toward. Living in the technology age, I feel some uncomfortable with using new technology which is quickly changing every day. The terminology makes me depressed. In the globalized life, English is essential for surviving, but I got stress not expressing myself very well.

Who decided that I should learn all unfamiliar things: technology and English language.

I would like to design some ID which can help people like me. They are not good at English and technology. However, I just would like to let them know how they are potential when they overcome the barriers with English and technology. English and technology will be a helper not barriers. The barriers are my depressed mind and shrunken self -esteem. I know both of them will make me overcome my barriers and achieve my dream. I would like to get rid of the learning barriers from the marginalized people.