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Online learning design February 3, 2010

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      training programs

  •  should be first provided
  •  such as teaching them how to use and respond to classmates using online tools at the class                                          with  help from teachers
  •  should be tested to avoid confusing students and make it more helpful for them to have other                                options that facilitate the curriculums.

homework assignments

  • post questions about reading, science, social studies, and math
  • answer the questions as part of the homework
  •  required to respond to two classmates
  • type much more than they normally write on paper for homework
  •  share things they found online that have to do with the topic we are discussing.

advantage of using online learning

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an advantage of using online learning

  • students sometimes cannot control the problem of the distraction while teachers teaching or explanation what are the assignments. The online learning can solve this problem when teachers post what had been done in the class and the required assignments for students
  • the flexibility


  • online education is great but not for pre-university students. By online education  like blackboard, where the students have to manage their time, log in daily to their class, and complete their tasks. age and maturity play a big factor in order for online education to be successful.
  • be vigilant in scheduling time for their classes


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PBS and NPR Add to Trove of Free Online Lectures

By Simmi Aujla
PBS and NPR are now posting taped interviews and videos of lectures by academics, adding to the growing number of free lectures online.
Their site, called Forum Network, says it makes thousands of lectures available, including the Harvard professor Michael Sandel’s take on calculating happiness in a lecture called “How to Measure Pleasure,” and a discussion by a Northeastern University professor, Nicholas Daniloff, about the difficulties of reporting in Russia in a lecture called “Of Spies and Spokesmen: The Challenge of Journalism in Russia.”
The Web site also includes material featuring political figures and business executives. The offerings from PBS and NPR add to video and audio already available on sites such as YouTube EDU and from individual universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University.


Distance Learning and Colleges

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 Unmuzzling Diploma Mills: Dog Earns M.B.A. Online
By Marc Parry

Online Classes for High School Students
Advantages and Disadvantages to Distance Learning Courses for Kids

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California Public On-Line High School.
Virtual High School


Synchronous technologies September 23, 2009

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a great tool for real time collaboration and communication


Good and Bad


  • increase participation and group collaboration
  • self confidence in communication
  • powerful synchronous communication


  • Reqired  ID and password for all users
  • Bullying
  • Distraction