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representation April 13, 2010

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Activity 3: Blog Reflection – Go here:

Reflect on the images (click on the boxes on the left to navigate the Detroit pictures.

What knowledge is represented in these images?

Since I am not American, I don’t know much about Detroit. Nevertheless, I learned that Detroit is famous of automobile industry.  To get more information I can read our last online meeting. However, while reading it carefully now, I thought I don’t need to read it first. For here I need to describe how images work for my knowledge representation.

The images are very dark and gloomy. I just found out that the city was ruined. However with details of buildings, I can say Detroit had a beautiful cultural background and was greatly civilized before. The size of the buildings is very big, so I can say there were many people in the city. From the decorative parts of building look classic, so the city was very old and seems tobe proud of traditions.

What knowledge is lost in these images?

With decayed buildings and destroyed city images make me think that Detroit is not a big city any more. I am losing its good reputation.

What could make them better as knowledge representations?

If there are news clips or image of unemployed or bad condition of the city life would be express the condition of the city in more detail way. From the vyew discussion, we need more stories behind the city to understand and have clear representation about the Detroit.


My ID in the future November 10, 2009

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This is my only rest time because I can think about myself and my future.

I like to learn new things, but learning is always threatening me. What is wrong with me? How I like learning if I am afraid of learning new things.

New things make me pull down. The feeling of being dumb makes me not go toward. Living in the technology age, I feel some uncomfortable with using new technology which is quickly changing every day. The terminology makes me depressed. In the globalized life, English is essential for surviving, but I got stress not expressing myself very well.

Who decided that I should learn all unfamiliar things: technology and English language.

I would like to design some ID which can help people like me. They are not good at English and technology. However, I just would like to let them know how they are potential when they overcome the barriers with English and technology. English and technology will be a helper not barriers. The barriers are my depressed mind and shrunken self -esteem. I know both of them will make me overcome my barriers and achieve my dream. I would like to get rid of the learning barriers from the marginalized people.